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Smaller Bra Size Equates to Bigger Confidence

Sometimes, too much of a good thing – isn’t. And that goes double when you’re talking about something as intimate as breast size.


Dr. Heller Helps Patient Thrive at 65

Over and over again, we’re learning that you can rock any age – if you want to.


How a Woman in her 70s Feels MORE FABULOUS

My mother, who’s in her mid 60s, once told me: “I want to look less like a turkey and more like a spring chicken.” That phrase popped into my head more than once as I spoke to Bette, 72. A recent plastic-surgery success story, Bette had a neck lift and proudly told me, “My turkey neck is gone!”


Confidence Boost

“I’m 26 – and I wanted a breast augmentation because I wanted to fill out a bra! Purely cosmetic reasons, really,” shares Beth*.


Once Weighed Down by Excess Skin, SCV Woman Now Lives in Leggings

Diane S. of Saugus did something remarkable a decade ago; she lost 130 pounds.


Nervous Mom Never Thought She’d get Breast Implants

Brenda, 36, never thought she was the kind of person who’d opt for elective surgery. “Especially since I had children, I was really, really nervous about it. What if the worst happened? I knew that I’d never do it unless I found a doctor who I could absolutely trust not only with my results, but with my health.


One Mom’s Story of Reclaiming her Old Size

“I had two kids and I didn’t like the way I looked anymore,” shared Santa Clarita resident Lara M., 35. “I breastfed both of them, which I’m very proud of – but when I was done, my chest looked really deflated. I didn’t look good in clothes, I was self conscious.”


It’s Never too Late to Feel Great

“I have wanted a new physique for years, but I didn’t want to give my daughters the impression that women shouldn’t be happy with their bodies.”


Celebrated Surgeon Specializes in Extraordinary Results, Bedside Manner

For over a year, I’ve been in charge of interviewing patients of Dr. Justin Heller’s celebrated plastic surgery practice.


Mommy Makeover

Valencia resident S.R. has had a remarkable 18 months; she beat cancer, started eating clean and working out, lost 85 pounds and, most recently, graduated from college.


Give Your Life A Lift

“I would definitely do it again,” says DM, a recent patient of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia. “I look like me, only younger! If you compared the ‘me’ of today with a photo from a decade ago, we’d look the same. Dr. Heller is really a blessing.”


Face the Facts

“I chose to invest in my appearance at a younger age because I take pride in looking my best,” says S.S. of Valencia, when asked why she chose to have a “half” face and neck lift at 46 years old.


Once Embarrassed by her Small Size Her Cups Now Runneth Over

“I’ve always been small – really small,” shares Jennifer, 33, of Santa Clarita. “I was totally out of proportion.”


Plastic Surgery at 50

“I feel like part of the Heller Plastic Surgery family now,” says Black. “If my daughters or friends ever want anything done, they’re planning on going to him. He’s just so incredibly talented and takes such a warm, personal interest in his patients.”


Mommy Makeover

“What I noticed was that, after doing a huge amount of research, Dr. Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery had these stunningly-positive reviews and credentials.”


Camp like You Mean It

Jed Heller’s Swim School is celebrating their 39th season with big savings, because swimming is not just a lifetime skill – but a skill to insure a long lifetime.


A Better Body By Design

“Fat, when positioned appropriately, makes you look youthful,” says Dr. Justin Heller, Valencia’s favorite plastic surgeon.


Feeling Like a Million Bucks

“Dr. Heller has such a wonderful attitude. He just made me feel so comfortable from the very beginning.” -


Ask The Doctor

I’ve had three babies. I don’t have much belly fat but I do have loose skin, stretch marks and a puffy belly button. I would be open to a tummy tuck but I have also thought about liposuction. What’s best?


Healthy & Happy

We provide NATURAL-LOOKING RESULTS while utilizing the most minimally-invasive approaches for rapid recoveries.


Give your Life a Lift

“I would definitely do it again,” says DM, a recent patient of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia. “I look like me, only younger! If you compared the ‘me’ of today with a photo from a decade ago, we’d look the same. Dr. Heller is really a blessing.”


The Quest for PERFECTION

If you’ve been considering breast implants but have been on the fence for fear that your augmentation would leave you looking more “beach ball” than “bathing beauty,” you owe it to yourself to learn more about the newest implant technology and methods developed by board-certified Plas…


A Sexier Bottom Line

Saggy, flat, dimpled, or entirely non-existent… That’s how most over-30 women describe their tushes. “As women age, their rear loses definition,” says Dr. Justin Heller, a board-certified plastic surgeon. “As the years pass, we lose fat where we want it and put it where we don’t. It…


How a Quick In-office Procedure can make You LOOK 10 to 15 Years Younger

You usually start thinking about eyelid surgery at the end of the day, when the weight of the tone-less skin on and around your eyes has finally taken its toll and you find yourself feeling more tired than you should. You complain to a co-worker more often than you’d like to admit: “I…


Face the Facts

When it comes to turning back the clock, there’s really no better way to fool Father Time than a facelift.


Battle Aging with Laser Precision

Look substantially younger by choosing the laser treatment right for you.


A Plastic Surgery Story

Back-story: My three children are my beloved blessings – and yet they’ve destroyed my body. I’m all about embracing my “stripes” (Stretch marks!) and loving myself, but six years after my last pregnancy, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is something I need to get back the confide…


A Tighter Tummy for Everyone

There’s a treatment available for every type of tummy, but which one is right for you? After a chat with Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery in Valencia, we’ve narrowed it down!


A Firm Grip

AVORS medical group has already made quite a name for itself since opening its fourth So Cal location in Valencia, thanks in part to the addition of Dr. Justin Heller, a board-certified surgeon who has a firm grip on today’s most technologically advanced upper-extremity procedures.


Gummy Bear Breast Implants are Sweet!

If you’ve been considering breast implants but have been on the fence for fear that your augmentation would leave you looking more “beach ball” than “bathing beauty,” you owe it to yourself to learn more about the newest implant technology.


Let there be Lifts!

Chances are that if you’re in your 40s or 50s, you have considered how you’d look with a little “help.” Lifts, whether they be of the face, neck, eye or brow, are the most effective way to look significantly younger.


Body Contouring, Liposuction & Tummy Tucks

“Fat, when positioned appropriately, makes you look youthful,” says Dr. Justin Heller, Valencia’s new favorite plastic surgeon. As we age we lose fat and collagen resulting in areas of laxity and signs of aging. This is very apparent in the face around the eyes, mouth, and jowls but…


Plastic Surgery Transformations Available to Locals

Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if your plastic-surgery dreams became a reality?
Dr. Justin Heller

Arthritis Sufferers and More get Real Relief

Tendon trouble? Joint pain? Ever wake up with numb hands? Are you having difficulty opening jars, turning a key? These are common symptoms of arthritis, nerve compression and tendonitis.
Santa Clarita Eyelid Surgery

Hello, Bright Eyes

Have you ever heard someone complain that they “just can’t keep their eyes open?” What you may have perceived as an exaggeration could be all too true, says Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery.
Santa Clarita Facelift

The Fabulous World of Injectables & Facelifts

“Oh! You got your lips done!” This seemingly-innocent comment was recently dropped within my earshot and directed to an attractive middle-aged woman with lips Angelina Jolie would call plump. Sure, she looked pretty – but that’s not the first thing anyone noticed. Instead, the focus …
Heller In the Media

New Year, New Innovations

Good news! If your 2015 “to do’s” include reshaping your body for the better, read on because the newest breast implants on the market can make this year a “Happy New you!”

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