Hydro2 Facial

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At Skin by Heller Plastic Surgery we are always looking to improve upon traditional methods and come up with new twists on age-old dermatological practices. That’s why we offer the Hydro2 Facial, which distinguishes itself by utilizing water and nutrient-enriched serums, which deliver a powerful 4 step treatment.

The Hydro2 Facial consists of the following:

  • A Professional-Grade Deep Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Infusing the Skin with Hydration

How does Hydro2 Facial Work?

Our Hydro2 Facial packs a one-two punch to dislodge and remove skin impurities. Through our intuitive exfoliating motions, our vacuum-assisted extractions, followed by an invigorating mega dose of intense skin hydration, we are able to help you achieve a new, balanced, youthful complexion.

Undo the Damage that’s Been Done to Your Skin

Through our manual, comprehensive process, we’re able to undo skin damage that patients may be putting themselves through with their at home, over-the-counter skin exfoliation products and apparatuses. The procedure also opens your pores gently, while also extracting blackheads via automated vacuum tip. We’ll also do a last spot check where we’ll manually remove extant, stubborn blackheads or skin blemishes that persist after the treatment.

In short, this procedure offers deep cleansing that works for all skin types — even sensitive skin! Experience innovative hydra-microdermabrasion done by professional tools designed to brush dead skins cells from you face. Hydo2 Facial is a no-brainer.

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