Kimberlynn Benton

About Kimberlynn

For some people, work is work. For Kimberlynn Benton there is no such thing. In the world of skin care, Kim’s ultimate calling and true passion is in helping people to transform their skin issues into positive radiance and self-confidence, which fundamentally begins with one’s physical appearance.

As an aesthetician and highly trained medical skin care expert for over 20 years, Kim has mastered the art of skin treatment by putting her patients’ needs first and foremost. This nurturing and caring approach gives Kim’s patients the confidence they need to feel good by realizing the value of self care as it relates to self-esteem.

Rather then trying to oversell products or treatments they don’t need, Kim tailors the treatments and products for every individual. She also instructs them to be self-sufficient and deserving of a healthy skin care regime so the patients leave feeling empowered and ready to face the world with renewed skin.

Skin by HPS in Valencia CA, is Kim’s home away from home. Kim’s down-to-earth approach has attracted thousand of patients to seek her skin care treatments.

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