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As a Weight Management Specialist my primary services is to provide specific dietary aid to promote permanent weight loss. We design precise plans using medications, supplements, and motivational support to enhance a lifestyle change that implements lasting success as it relates to weight loss goals.

My weight loss philosophy is threefold: building balance on a nutritional, mental, and physical level. I believe in empowering patients on many different levels, the physical state is only the beginning.

It is one of my life’s passion to present a multi-faceted weight loss program that offers an array of solutions to the cliche of “on and off dieting” or “yo-yo dieting.” It is my goal to introduce a lifestyle change that starts with ending the traditional habitual cycles that keep people unhealthy and overweight.

As a child and into my adulthood I struggled with obesity and low self-esteem. It is all to often these two issues contribute to a spiral of poor eating choices only to be followed with guilt, shame and ultimately weight gain. It has been my experience that creating a forum where people can gather together and talk about the obstacles in life that trigger over eating, anxiety, and stress etc., all which contribute to weight gain, is an instrumental tool as well as an effective signature service that is often overlooked in traditional dieting programs.

Seeing patients happy and healthy is our #1 goal. I am committed to seeing that take place by providing cutting edge technology that is current and relevant so that our clients have access to the necessary tools that promote healthy body image.

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