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“Dear Dr. Heller, it has been 4 months since my breast reduction surgery and I am very pleased with the outcome. It was more than I expected, the results are amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any woman who is thinking of breast reduction and wants someone who cares and is very attentive to detail, with a great personality as well.

I truly thank you and would like to add, should any of your prospective patients have any questions regarding your abilities and need a reference, please feel free to have the office contact me, I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Many thanks to you Dr. Heller, I will always remember the difference you have made in my life. You are truly an artist.”

– CK

“The specialists here were awesome. Felt no pain at all, Dr. Heller and his team used the least disruptive and invasive procedures. He was also understanding, professional, and courteous. Would recommend him 100 percent!”

– Lynn S.

“I had my breasts done here 5 years ago. I love them now to this day. I recommended him to my friends and they also agreed with how great he was. I also had fillers and the procedure was very comfortable and safe. For any cosmetic or reconstructive procedure, I would see him. The staff are also diligent and really put my satisfaction in mind.”

– Laurie F.

“I had surgery last month and finally decided to review them because they deserve it. Before seeing Dr. Heller, I went to several doctors who simply couldn’t cut it. Dr. Heller’s office was everything beyond my expectations, from the staff to the ambience.

Dr. Heller himself wasn’t the typical uptight, arrogant surgeon who only has money in their mind. He was gentle, well-mannered, and respected me almost every step of the way. I now enjoy a firmer body with less pain and discomfort all thanks to him. I recommend others to see him too!”

– Rae C.

“Warm, welcoming staff and a fantastic doctor. Dr. Heller is great at many types of surgery, but he is the best at treating his patients the right way!”

– Samantha G.

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