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An arm lift is the perfect solution to address sagging skin on your upper arms.  This body procedure involves removing excess, hanging skin and stubborn deposits of fat.  Existing skin will be pulled to conform to the new contours of your arms.  You will receive a tighter and more youthful looking appearance.

Arm lift surgery provided at Dr. Heller’s Valencia office could be a good option if you previously lost a large amount of weight from surgery, diet, or exercise.  It can also treat signs of aging found on the upper arms. The procedure can be performed using several different techniques.  There is a standard upper arm lift and a mini-arm lift.

Dr. Heller will help you choose the right technique for you based on your goals and natural arm contours. Regardless of which type of arm lift you decide on, the treatment will create a stunning result that will leave you satisfied with your overall appearance. Even a subtle change in the arms can make your body appear younger or slimmer.

You can elect to have an arm lift surgery performed independently or in conjunction with other treatments. These include breast lift, facelift, tummy tuck, or more.  Please call our office for more information and discover the benefits of arm lift surgery for yourself.

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