Breast Augmentation Gallery

Breast Augmentation Front Case 20
Breast Augmentation Right OBL Case 20
Breast Augmentation Right Case 20
Breast Augmentation Left OBL Case 20
Breast Augmentation Left Case 20

7 Weeks Post-Op.

Breast Augmentation Case 19
Breast Augmentation Case 19

After 2 1/2 Months Post-Operative

Full Profile, Saline Implants 300cc, 3 Months Post-Operative.

Moderate profile, Form- Stable Implants, Smooth round, moderate plus 355cc

Moderate profile, smooth, round, 330 cc: 6 Months Post-Operative.

325cc form stable “Gummy Bear” implants

Full profile, smooth, round, 325 cc. 3 Months Post-Operative.

Form Stable Implants, smooth, round, full- profile, 415 cc

Form-stable, smooth, 325 cc

Form-stable, smooth, silicone, 425 cc

Form-stable, textured, silicone, 325 cc

Form-stable, 330 cc: 3 Months Post-Operative.

Form-stable, smooth, 385 cc

2 Months Post-Operative Breast augmentation: Round, Smooth, Moderate Plus, 350cc

Breast Augmentation

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