Breast Reconstruction Santa Clarita

Restore a Natural Looking Breast During or After Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction involves several plastic surgery techniques to improve the shape, appearance, and size of a breast post breast cancer. It restores a natural looking breast and can be performed during or after the mastectomy.

Our board- certified plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles, Dr. Justin Heller, can walk you through the breast reconstruction process and help you determine the best approach for your case.  The process typically involves replacing lost breast tissue and creating a new shape, this can be done with either a breast implant or a natural breast tissue.

Before a breast reconstruction procedure, a patient’s overall health is evaluated. This is important to ensure no conditions, such as cancer, may affect the outcome. The goal of a breast reconstruction procedure is to improve to overall shape of the breast, which in turn improves a woman’s self esteem, and confidence. Dr. Heller is dedicated to helping his patients feel both comfortable and beautiful. If you are considering this procedure, please call or contact us through our online form to request a consultation.

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