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Losing weight is no easy task, even if you’re incorporating a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Some pockets of unwanted fat and weight you might be holding onto might even be resistant to exercise and a healthy diet.

For such patients, SKIN, by Heller Plastic Surgery offers medically proven techniques that include meal replacements, personalized dietary plans, as well as medication when needed. We are also happy to offer our qualified patients the HCg Weight Loss Program.

The HCg weight loss program delivers a uniquely outstanding success rate by utilizing a scientific approach combined with a low-calorie diet, followed by HCg (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone injections to lose fat without losing muscle mass.

We offer our HCg patient home kits in conjunction with an easy to follow nutritional program. HCg naturally suppresses appetite and helps burn body fat at the same time.

SKIN is comprised of physicians and specialists. It is our goal to help patients achieve their ideal weight, incorporating lifestyle changes which will enable patients to enjoy better health and, therefore, a better life.

Contact SKIN today if you’d like to learn more about our HCg Weight Loss Program. We’ll schedule your initial consultation and design a custom protocol that works for you.

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