RF MicroNeedling Facial

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At Skin by Heller Plastic Surgery, we stay on the forefront of cutting edge technology by providing innovative procedures like the RF MicroNeedling Facial. Our dedicated staff of skincare professionals provide comprehensive skincare treatments for a wide patients base.

How RF MicroNeedling is Different from Traditional MicroNeedling

Traditional microneedling has been used widely for skincare purposes. The procedure works by creating tiny micro-injuries to the skin. This process ends up stimulating your body’s own natural healing responses, which actively boost collagen and elastin production in the process. The traditional microneedling procedure is a great treatment to noticeably reduce and diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring.

The RF Difference

RF MicroNeedling is a new twist on a classic, implementing radiofrequency energy delivered through those same tiny needles. RF microneedling delivers RF energy that works deep into the dermis. The result: further enhanced skin tightening and optimized scar reduction results. RF energy heats underlying skin layers, which helps tighten the skin, further activating collagen and elastin production activity. RF energy gets delivered deeper than traditional microneedling procedures, producing faster, more noticeable results.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

In order to achieve desired results, we generally recommend 3-5 treatments, but that can change from patient to patient. However, results will start to show often after only one treatment. We like to space our RF MicroNeedling treatments out every 4 weeks to promote best results. There’s minimal downtime and many patients get to resume their normal activities immediately. With the RF MicroNeedling Facial, patients will experience and enjoy results for 8 months or more, experiencing smoother, tighter, more vital skin.

RF MicroNeedling Facial Candidacy

The RF MicroNeedling Facial works for all skin types. We serve a diverse patient base at Skin by Heller, helping patients of all ages and from all walks of life achieve new confidence in their complexion.

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