5 Myths about Breast Reconstruction

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5 Myths about Breast Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction can enhance appearance and provide great comfort for women who’ve experienced breast removal. However, a number of common myths involving the procedure have sprung up and it’s time to recant them.

Myth 1: Breast reconstruction must be scheduled immediately after a mastectomy.

Actually, women can have breast reconstruction whenever they want to: after surgery, after radiation, or months or years after surgery. The choice is up to the patient entirely.

Myth 2: Implants are always necessary.

In fact, implants are just one of three reconstruction choices, using tissue from thighs and buttocks or from the abdomen and back are also solid options.

Myth 3: Breasts will have an unnatural appearance.

Clothed, breasts have a completely natural and balanced look. An augmentation, lift or reduction can be used if necessary to match the appearance of both breasts if reconstruction is needed for one breast only.

Myth 4: One surgery will take care of the reconstruction.

In reality, most people need a few procedures to complete reconstruction, depending on body shape and size. Determining exactly what procedures are needed can be discussed during consultation with the reconstructive surgeon.

Myth 5: Breast reconstruction makes breast cancer recurrence harder to detect.

Reconstruction has no impact on cancer detection; the risk of recurrence depends on disease stage and cancer characteristics.

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