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Generally, when people hear the term “Facial” they equate the word and concept with extreme pampering. But, in reality, facials are a vital component that ends up being integral to anyone’s skincare arsenal.

Teen Acne Facials from Skin by Heller

Just the same, Teen Acne Facials can be an effective procedure for younger patients who are more prone to breakouts and other skin imbalances.

Being a teen is hard, no matter which way you slice it. You have cliques in high school, social media outlets charting people’s every move, there’s a treacherous dating and social hierarchy to worry about navigating — this all causes a person undue stress, which can lead to (or at the very least help facilitate) breakouts of acne and skin blemishes.

Skin by Heller: Now Serving a Diverse Patient Base of All Ages

At Skin by Heller Plastic Surgery we’re working to address a need in our diverse patient base which we’ve identified. We provide non-surgical, non-invasive dermatological procedures that help patients of all ages achieve the complexion they’ve always wanted for themselves — all through a proven, practical, results-driven treatment plan tailored to each specific patient.

More on the Teen Acne Facial

Our Teen Acne Facial treatments are intensely focused on exfoliation and pore cleansing.  We take a comprehensive approach while targeting known problem areas, treating both blemishes and scarring, utilizing masks, organic products, plant extracts, and selected acids that all work hand-in-hand to deliver enhanced benefits.  

We’ll also apply a soothing gel mask which works to reduce redness and replenish skin hydration. We also provide concentrated aftercare, stressing sun protection to maintain healthy skin and ensure that there is no darkening of scar tissue.

Some patients might experience a mild tenderness or redness that will generally be gone within the first few hours after receiving the Teen Acne Facial. We also have the resources to provide skincare treatments that will help enhance your facial, like microneedling and additional esthetic peels.

Your Consultation with Skin by Heller

Regular monthly facials custom-tailored to your specific needs will set you up for great success, great skin, and a lot less to stress about, freeing you up to focus on your studies and extracurriculars. Contact Skin by Heller Plastic Surgery today to schedule your initial consultation.

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